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Matthew Moloney is a multi-disciplinary American artist from West Bloomfield, Michigan.


Working in a wide variety of mediums, Moloney’s curiosity is their guiding light. Their works range from large-scale paintings to fashion shows, short films, sculptures, and more. 


In 2016, just upon graduating highschool, Moloney taught themself how to process analog film in their parents’ basement, and since has been led down a path of experimentation, working with many different light-sensitive materials that expanded their love for photography.


Moloney attended the University of Massachusetts - Boston and graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, and minored in Art History. While in college, Matthew, alongside his brother, Michael, built their start-up company FilterGrade, an online marketplace for creators to buy and sell digital editing tools. The two brothers revolutionized the market for selling digital editing tools and turned the company into a multi-million dollar business, paying out over $2M+ to creators all over the world.


In 2021, Matthew Moloney exhibited his artwork for the first time in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, they have shown works in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and more. 


Moloney is currently working on a new series of utilitarian sculptures, or ‘puppets’, as they like to call them. The sculptures are being made with the intent of performing tasks of their own by being strung up with ropes and wires and controlled by Moloney. ‘Jimmy’ - Moloney’s first puppet, can be seen painting pictures of his own in a short video that Moloney shared with social media in February of 2023.


2016 - 2020

University of Massachusetts, Boston



Main Street Gallery Showcase, Wakefield, MA



Index Magazine


Moloney Publishing House


Elated Magazine


Lily's Gallery, Boston, MA

Cognitive Dissonance, CommCreative Gallery

Consistencies & Contingencies, Liberty Hotel, Boston, MA


Symmetry, Sovreign Studios, Atlanta, GA

Lighthouse, Galerie Jared,

Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, NY

Here Now

Paris, France


On View:

Gallery 125, Boston, MA

Growing Down, Known Studios

Los Angeles, CA

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